As I Lay Dying Business 5 Reasons Why You Need Custom Cat Socks

5 Reasons Why You Need Custom Cat Socks

5 Reasons Why You Need Custom Cat Socks post thumbnail image

If you’re a cat fan, there’s without doubt you’ve viewed the various types of kitty stockings available on the market. But what if you would like some thing much more distinctive? An issue that celebrates your love of cats in the more individual way? The good news is, it’s simple to customize your very own cat stockings! All you need is a sock design and some material marker pens for custom cat socks.

1. Begin with getting a sock template on-line. This will be your best guide for attracting the describe of your own pet cat stockings. You can find sock templates of most various sizes, so be sure to find one that can in shape you easily.

2. After you have your sock template, locate it onto a piece of pieces of paper. Then, making use of material marker pens, attract an outline for you of your respective cat onto the paper web template. You can get imaginative with this particular component! You could add as many information as you like, for example your cat’s hair style or favorite plaything.

3. Eliminate your document web template over the lines you only drew. Then, employing fabric scissors, eliminate the design of your own pet cat socks from a bit of felt or any other tough fabric. Ensure that you reduce two identical items so that you have a right and left sock.

4. To finish, merely sew the two pieces of material together across the edges, making an opening up for your foot. After your stockings are stitched shut, slide them on and revel in revealing your one-of-a-form kitty socks around the globe!

5. In order to get really innovative, you can also include embellishments to your socks, such as switches or Sequins. Have a good time along with it making them your own!


Customizing your own personal kitty socks is really a entertaining and fantastic way to show off your passion for pet cats to the world! You just need a sock design and several material marker pens (or other materials) to begin. Get artistic and commence customizing your own personal kind of kitty socks nowadays!

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