Places where you can monitor your reputation

Places where you can monitor your reputation post thumbnail image

To know how effectively to manage your online reputation, you also need to know places that you can use to monitor your reputation. It will be wise to have a clear understanding of what exactly makes up your online reputation. For some businesses and brands, this can be very difficult especially when their reputation is spread across several platforms. If that is the case, then it can be very difficult for one to keep track. Here are some of the platforms that you can use to keep track of your online reputation according to Bret Talley.
Social media platforms
This is the first platform that you can use to keep track of your online reputation. Whether you are targeting an older audience or a younger one, almost everyone is now on social media. Instead of visiting your shop physically, customers can just reach your platform through social media platforms such as Facebook, it can be Twitter, Instagram, and even YouTube. When they reach out, some will be there to buy your products, some will just check you out and others will share their honest thoughts about your brand. Although we are always hoping for positive thoughts, some of them are always negative. In case of negative remarks, you need to know where they emanated from, the reason for it, and work on how to manage your reputation.
Apart from social media, the other place that you can use to track your online reputation is forums. Forums are still very helpful although there are people who still think of them as being outdated. In different types of forums, people can easily discuss brands and whether they are right for users or not. It is from forums that some people make a buying decision. Therefore, you shouldn’t fail to monitor forums.


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