Reputation management mistakes that should be avoided

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At least 80% of customers rely on online reviews and customer feedback before they purchase products online. Therefore, companies need to make sure that they are safeguarding their reputation. If you do not have an in-house reputation management team, the best way to safeguard your online reputation is by hiring one. When it comes to online reputation management, here are some of the most common mistakes that should be avoided
Not having a reputation manager
This is the worst mistake that any business can do. Online reputation management should be an important part of any business. Unfortunately, there are many companies out there that think they can do away with online reputation management. Today, things are digitalized and customers check customer reviews before they make purchases. Some don’t care about what is being said online and some assume that the reputation will take care of itself. The most important thing to know is that businesses need to be involved actively in managing their online reputation. Knowing what customers are saying can help you correct an issue or even a misunderstanding. You will also improve your services by actively engaging with the customers online Francis Santa.
Not responding to reviews
This is also another very serious mistake that people do make with their reputation management strategies. When customers write reviews about your company or products, they are appreciating what you are offering. Whether negative or positive reviews, companies should take a step to respond to them. Getting reviews from customers is not that easy and when you do, you need to know how to manage them well. Besides, customers are always quick to write negative reviews more than they write positive ones. Therefore, responding to positive reviews is one suitable way to appreciate the initiative that a customer would have taken.

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