The Inaccuracy Of Hair Tests For Marijuana Intoxication

The Inaccuracy Of Hair Tests For Marijuana Intoxication post thumbnail image

Regardless of simply being legal in several says, marijuana remains a debatable matter. Just about the most contentious concerns surrounding marijuana is substance testing, exclusively the way to conduct Marijuana Intoxication Testing. Although there are several methods of testing for marijuana intoxication, each has its own mistakes. The most typical techniques are urine assessments, your hair assessments, and blood vessels exams.

Urine Exams

Urine checks are the most frequent form of medication analyze. Also, they are the least correct. THC can remain in your system for up to thirty days, meaning a good final result on the urine analyze does not always mean that you simply were drunk in the course of the test. This will be especially true if you take in marijuana regularly.

Locks Checks

Hair checks will be more accurate than urine assessments, but they are also higher priced. THC can stay in your locks for approximately 90 days, meaning that an optimistic final result on a head of hair analyze does not always mean which you have been intoxicated during the time of the test. This is certainly particularly legitimate if you frequently ingest marijuana.

Blood vessels Assessments

Bloodstream checks would be the most precise kind of drug analyze, however are also the most intrusive. THC can remain in your body for about one day, meaning a good result on the blood flow analyze does not necessarily mean which you were actually drunk during the test. This is especially true should you be a consistent end user of marijuana.


In summary, it is very important keep in mind the hazards of marijuana intoxication testing. Pee exams, locks tests, and blood vessels exams are common imperfect types of testing for intoxication, and each and every features its own weak points. If you are intending to be evaluated for marijuana intoxication, it is important to comprehend the limitations of such checks to help you understand your outcomes effectively.

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